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White flower ANNkets Anthorium, Lilly flowers, Orchids and Roses 150 red Roses ANNket Bouquet 12 Rose with Glass Vase
Code: GW101 Code: GW102 Code: GW103
A beautiful basket of 20 red roses with greenery One sided arrangement of Casablancas, Red Roses & Gerberas to sprinkle the love and affection wherever they go. Birds of Paradise, Roses, and Red Head Poker in a one sided basket, to brighten up every occasion.
Price: Rs.625 Price: Rs.1050 Price: Rs.1200
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2 tier Arrange ments, Orchid Lilly and Carnation Flowers 30 Pink Roses ANNket 50 Roses Heart Shape ANNket
Code: GW104 Code: GW105 Code: GW106
One sided arrangement of exotic flowers echoing your love. Glads, Lilies, Gerberas & Iris in one sided arrangement with all the reasons for a joyous occasion. Bunch of twenty red roses with each one to convey your feelings to everyone.
Price: Rs.1050 Price: Rs.990 Price: Rs.625
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10 Piece Lilly flowers and glass Vase 2 Tier Arrangement
Mix Flower 30 Yellow ROses ANNket Bouquet
Code: GW107 Code: GW108 Code: GW109
Round handle basket arrangement of 24 red roses to make somebody smile and think about you. Bonds of friendship, care and togetherness in a bunch of 12 Pink Roses in matching pink packing. Express your innermost feelings to her with this heart shape arrangement of red roses.
Price: Rs.725 Price: Rs.425 Price: Rs.890
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150 red Roses ANNket Bouquet 24 Yellow and Red Roses Basket Red Carnation Basket
Code: GW110 Code: GW111 Code: GW112
Round arrangement of pink roses, specially made to make her feel your gentle love. 24 Yellow and Red Roses Basket Red Carnation Basket
Price: Rs.525 Price: Rs.650 Price: Rs.900
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30 Yellow ROses ANNket Bouquet 50 Yellow Roses Glass Vase White Lilly Yellow Gerbera and Red Carnation ANNket
Code: GW113 Code: GW114 Code: GW115
Hand tied bunch of Yellow Lilies, Gerberas, Glads & Chrysanthemums to brighten up the Day. Brighten up somebody's day with this vibrant 12 yellow roses bunch. A beautifully arranged contemporary floral basket arrangement, containing an exotic mix of the finest quality pink stargazer lilies along with roses and carnations to express your feelings.
Price: Rs.790 Price: Rs.375 Price: Rs.1050
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